We devise unique learning programs that use the latest technology.

The objective of the company is to make education accessible to all, by delivering knowledge in a simple and affordable manner.

- Mr. Sanwill Srivastava

Director Message

We have been witnessing lately that there are a lot of issues that are caused due to the lack of literacy worldwide. And thus, felt that there is a latent demand for literacy among the individuals as they are seeking knowledge especially women and girls.

The value of education is quite understood in the present. It is always said and taught to all of us, “doesn’t matter even if it is a small one, but a little difference created in the world does matter” and if that small difference can make the world a better place, then do not forget that you are a worthy creature. In this context, EDIMPACT came up with the solution of spreading literacy though a non-formal way.
- Mr. Sanwill Srivastava, Director