Project Digital Kshamta

Professional Development Program to Enhance Productivity for Educators and Future Teachers.

For educators, we are providing professional training on Microsoft Office 365 Applications for Education, for them to integrate the most advanced easy to use tool for education. Microsoft Office 365 which is currently used by over 90 million teachers and students worldwide as estimated by Microsoft. Our trainers are professionally trained in India and abroad and technically qualified to impart training to the teachers and educators.

Our workshop helps to manage technology that transforms classroom time, educators can focus on delivering personalized learning experiences that help enable better learning outcomes.

This training will be of 6days (5-6 hrs./day) fully based on practical. Completing the minimum required hours is compulsory. After the completion of the training the participants will receive a certificate from Edimpact USA mentioning that they have undergone training on Microsoft Office 365 under Digital Kshamta Program. The training is sure to be of great help to the Future Teachers and Educators.

Benefits to Educators

Powerful Tools for Students and Educators. Benefits to Educators are as follows: Office 365 offers the opportunity for users to make changes and updates to documents from anywhere, at any time. With Office 365’s collaborative tools, projects will have more structure, allowing small groups to work on their projects at various times throughout theday.

Colleborate & Organise

Office apps & services that allow you to organize, collaborate and engage students.

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Device of choice

Enables getting work done from the device of your choice.

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Works Online & Offline

Simply work with your browser and feel same user interface like offline versions of Office 365.

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Digital Citizenship

Basic Cyber Security and Teachers role in Digital Citizenship.

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Join us to be Digital Educators:

Free 6 Days training on Microsoft Office 365 in your Institutions under the Project Digital Kshmata.
Edimpact is providing a free workshop on Microsoft office 365 and its uses in modern teaching methodology. We have Team of Trainers, professionally trained in India and abroad and technically qualified to impart technical training.

Impact of Digital Kshamta Workshop

We are happy to share the feedback story of Educators who participated in our workshop in various locations of India. And how they are able to hit a game changer thing in their teaching profession for the better outcomes of teaching learning aids.