EDIMPACT is a education technology company registered in the USA and India. We devise unique learning programs that use the latest technology. The objective of the company is to make education accessible to all, by delivering knowledge in a simple and affordable manner. The company is running its projects in several states in India.


India is a vast nation with the majority of the rural portions still deprived of electricity and internet connectivity. The absence of adequate power sources is the reason behind the digital divide among the rural and urban masses and which can be seen as an impediment on the way of the realization of the dream of the Digital India. Sensing the urgent need of empowering the rural population with the digital technologies, EDIMPACT has conceptualized the solar powered android tablets with a solar powered OUTERNET satellite receiver, which will create a new digital revolution in the rural India. A pilot study has already been conducted in the states of Jharkhand and Bihar, with encouraging response from the rural masses as well as all the stakeholders.

The company has endeavored to create a Digital Revolution in Rural India with their Solar Powered Android Tablets. The Rural India that is deprived of electricity and internet connectivity is soon going to experience a Digital Revolution that does not require electricity and conventional internet connectivity. The concept uses a solar powered android tablet with a solar powered OUTERNET satellite receiver.

Each Digital tablet is loaded with thousands of educational resources, including Wikipedia, Khan Academy math and science lectures, e-books, medical encyclopedias, as well as local, open source Hindi content.

These 10 inch digtal tablet devices will be powered by 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory expandable to 32 GB.

The first phase of project starts from January 2017 in 100 villages planned across India, the project has been appreciated at Global Platform by leading investors and technology conglomerates and the project is being supported by various partners.



Technology can play a major role in spreading education, even in the far-flung areas of a vast country, like India. Edimpact has come up with an innovating way of educating people in the remote areas of the country through Short Message Services (SMS). The SMSlearn program is currently launched in the rural areas of two Indian states, Bihar and Jharkhand in association with Women Self Help Groups (SHGs).

The SMS learning application uses cloud assessment application at backend and the mobile SMS technology as frontend. These rural areas do not have the internet connectivity but mobile phones have a penetration rate of about 70%. This is the reason why the program focuses on using mobile phones for education purposes.
Content has been created in modules of 160 characters (1 SMS) and is stored on the cloud server, which is then sent to the user’s mobile at preset times automatically by the application. The user has to send the answers to a predefined number which is connected to the cloud server. The progress report of the user is stored on the server and based on a user’s progress further modules are sent to his/her mobile phone.

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